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Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of the month results.

I mostly shopped local did go to Scott's twice. Dairy Queen and taco bell once.  I liked Georges and may start shopping there until I find another local grocery store.  I did buy some stuff from the health food shoppe their prices are high but it is convenient, and I made up part of the increase in prices by the saving of minimization.  Here is results of some of the statistics that I kept, and comments.

Gasoline purchased $47.64
Miles drove 454.  Way less than normal since I didn't work.
Electricy used 211 KWH.  Higher than normal but I was home more than normal.
Gas 9 cubic foot. about normal
Water < 1000 gallon

now for me.
Calorie intake 51835
Calorie output 86313
Steps taken 316689
Weight lost 5.0 pounds

How do I compare to You?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/16 Are you Nicole?

I was contemplating the meaning behind the month of mindfulness. Is it to reduce waste, protect the earth, or make us more aware of our own choices and when can make a difference. (Just ask Walgreen's). Well, I think that Nicole has just became aware of her choices.
Maybe we all have a little Nicole in us, but hopefully we are now aware of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8/13/2014 Help me reduce.

I haven’t updated the blog lately because I had to devote more time to job hunt.  But, I am still trying to follow month of mindfulness.  I received my bowl from Laura and donated more ‘made in china’ plates and bowls to the goodwill.  My auto use and electric use is still high and I have been working on that.  I would like to reduce my gasoline and utility usage permanently and not just for a month.  If anyone has any tips, please let me know.  I have my electric bill and am studying it to identify areas of waste. It is copied below.  I used 2427 KWH of electricity last year.  That is 202 KWH a month. I am trying to reduce that for the month of mindfulness but would like to do a 2 to 5 % permanent reduction.   It appears I was an electric
hog the month of January, but if I remember right it was cold and the furnace ran often.

Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8 Show me your stats and I will show you mine.

Here are my numbers after 7 days.  How are you doing?
Weight loss 1.4 lbs
Steps walked 90101
Calories in 12132
Calories out 22220
Items deleted 28
Money in 723.22
Money out 705.40
Miles driven 53
Natural gas used 2 cu.
Electrify used 33 kwh
Water used <100 cu ft

I have ate food at a corporation but paid for it with barter.
My only real cheating was a Grande Iced Tea at Barnes and Noble
I want to try not to buy gasoline so I am riding my bicycle when possible and combining trips.

I am staying home more which may explain the higher than normal electricity usage.  I have really ha no none food purchases, but have been digging into supplies saved for 2012 because I am not sure when the end of the world is coming the next time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Things are going good.  I lost 1.4 pounds.

I skipped Firefly today because of their non diverse hiring practice.

For my minimization, I got rid of six assorted dishes out of the cabinet.  I made sure the were all ones that were made in China. To replace these dishes, I have a chop stick bowl on  order from the Brandenburg collection. I personally know the designer and maker and it is made locally.

Today I received a compliment about how my garage appeared less cluttered, that made me feel good.

Please comment on how you month of mindfulness is going.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/5 What is mindfullness

I just copied and pasted Obama's quote about the US Governments restriction on hiring white males.
It is beyond me how people can discriminate against individual over things that they have no control of, such as the gender and race they were born with.

So, in addition to some of the other goals of mindfulness, I am adding the goal of not supporting businesses that blatantly discriminate. I looked up the demographics  of my area and discovered that 87% of the people in my area are white and 48% are males. That makes about 42% white males.  So, I will support the diverse businesses where 2 out of 5 (40 percent a little less then balanced) employees are white males.  This kinda eliminates two of the places I regularly go to, Firefly, and Pint and Slice .  Luckily Old Crown is an equal opportunity employer and I can still go there.

Please feel free to leave thought and comments.

Monday, August 4, 2014


day 4
Got rid of 3 windows and a sign.

Road bicycle to Waynedale for social security office.

Ate local pizza, free corn, local beer and local coffee.  Also had some Jamison smoked brisket, was very good.

Didn't get much done on job hunt, spent too long at social security office talking to nice senorita.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3

Another good day, still driving too much and using too much electricity.  Turned in one free meal voucher.  Walked around block and noticed all the local businesses on North Anthony,  told myself to  shop there more often.  I may be very difficult to  eliminate purchasing from the devil completely, but we all can  do better.

I would like to see others suggestions.

Got rid of two containers and a sign today for my 3 items.

It appears the money I am not spending on  junk and  corporations  makes up for the higher cost of local goods.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 2014

Day 2 is good. I have been driving my vehicle more than planned,so I am  working on  that.  Went to local Market and Vendors spent $13.00.  Also, exchanged labor  for food, some payable now and some in the future.

For minimizing I donated two flower pots to the recycle bin.  I think this is a little cheating, but it does accomplish the minimizing goal and isn't going to  a landfill.

I am still logging many items daily on a spreadsheet, I just haven't figured out how to put a spreadsheet on the blog yet.

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1

First day of Month of Mindfulness went well.  I missed having my morning coffee and cookie but all else was good.

I traded eggs for corn so there you go mister tax man.
I am minimizing 1 bag of goodwill stuff.  See picture.

I will also try to post my spreadsheet and will post it again at the end of the month.  Is anyone else recording or commenting on their actions.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am very excited that tomorrow starts the Month of mindfulness.  I have recorded some numbers in  a spread sheet and will post them as the month progresses.  Please feel free to let me know where I can  do better. I will keep my food log on myfitnesspal and will make it as accurate as possible.  I will keep my exercise log on fitbit.  However on my spreadsheeet, I will import these numbers from time to time.  Hope to see you there and at the markets.  I am assuming scoring free items is ok unless we got someone feeling sorry for us.I am also assuming bartering is ok.  For example.  I just planted a row of carrots for someone.  If she pays me back with a home cooked meal, I assume that is ok even-though she may get the food from a major corporation.  Also, I am  planning on explaining some of my spreadsheet number on the blog. I will try to blog each day, but don't promise it.

Each one of us has different situations and may have to adjust the rules for that . But, we all can help in some way.  Feel free to comment.

Get Read One more day. Eat that Taco Bell today

One more day.  I think I am going to try to buy produce directly from the grower

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of spring

Thanks to the girls for this 'first day of spring' present.  I am so ready for spring.  The winter has been rough on the girls and me.  There is still snow around the coop but it will be gone soon.  The run had totally collapsed, but a package of wire ties from Harbor Freight repaired that.  I am rebuilding the coop this year and hopefully getting a new hen.  I will keeep you posted.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Have you ever wondered why a city the size of Fort Wayne can have people drive around and make sure you don't leave you garbage bin in front of your house to long, but they have no service that will deliver you coffee in the morning?

Have you eve wondered why Allen County can give you free parking at the library in the middle of downtown, but charges you a fortune to park at the Coliseum on the edge of town?

Have you ever wondered why the state of Indiana makes you strap babies in the back seat facing away from you, but allow teenagers in the front seat right in  your face?