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Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of the month results.

I mostly shopped local did go to Scott's twice. Dairy Queen and taco bell once.  I liked Georges and may start shopping there until I find another local grocery store.  I did buy some stuff from the health food shoppe their prices are high but it is convenient, and I made up part of the increase in prices by the saving of minimization.  Here is results of some of the statistics that I kept, and comments.

Gasoline purchased $47.64
Miles drove 454.  Way less than normal since I didn't work.
Electricy used 211 KWH.  Higher than normal but I was home more than normal.
Gas 9 cubic foot. about normal
Water < 1000 gallon

now for me.
Calorie intake 51835
Calorie output 86313
Steps taken 316689
Weight lost 5.0 pounds

How do I compare to You?

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