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Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8 Show me your stats and I will show you mine.

Here are my numbers after 7 days.  How are you doing?
Weight loss 1.4 lbs
Steps walked 90101
Calories in 12132
Calories out 22220
Items deleted 28
Money in 723.22
Money out 705.40
Miles driven 53
Natural gas used 2 cu.
Electrify used 33 kwh
Water used <100 cu ft

I have ate food at a corporation but paid for it with barter.
My only real cheating was a Grande Iced Tea at Barnes and Noble
I want to try not to buy gasoline so I am riding my bicycle when possible and combining trips.

I am staying home more which may explain the higher than normal electricity usage.  I have really ha no none food purchases, but have been digging into supplies saved for 2012 because I am not sure when the end of the world is coming the next time.

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